Ep.426 – Weezer @ Gibson Amp -Universal City, CA 11/27/10

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Night one of the Memories Tour was badass and I was extremely excited about night #2 where Weezer was to preform their album Pinkerton in its entirety!

Lots of cool things happened at this show. First off, the band played a different opening set that only repeated a few songs from the night before and featured some deeper tracks.  They even played a few B Sides such as “You Gave Your Love To Me Softly” and “Susanne” (One of my all time favorite Weezer songs). Jorge Garcia (Hurly from Lost) once again joined Rivers on stage but this time in preforming “Pork And Beans.” Bethany from Best Coast also joined Rivers in preforming “Island In The Sun.” Between the two nights the band preformed 33 songs. As a Weezer fan I couldn’t have been happier.

Photo by: Karl Koch

The band took a brief intermission and we were treated to a slide show hosted by Karl Koch that featured photos and memorabilia from the bands “Pinkerton” years. It was just so cool getting to see some of the memories Karl had with the band.  He’s been with them from the beginning!

The band then returned to the stage and preformed their once underrated, now cult album ” Pinkerton.” This album was more than influential in my life and to see it performed live was an experience I am not soon to forget. I do have to say, however, I found that I knew the words to the Blue album much more than I knew the words to Pinkerton, so that through me off a little.

Weezer Setlist Gibson Amphitheatre, Universal City, CA, USA 2010, Memories Tour

The entire show was wonderful and nostalgic to say the least.  My highlight of the night was “Butterfly.”   The band finished playing “Falling For You” then left the stage leaving Rivers alone holding an acoustic guitar. The wall behind the stage was removed for this song to open the arena to the outdoors. It was magical.

Once again, I am so happy Weezer decided to do this tour and I cant wait to see them again. -lorn

Weezer – Pink Triangle

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