Ep.434 – Nikka Costa w/ Pop Levi @ The Roxy – West Hollywood,CA – 01/20/11

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Nikka Costa

Photo by Dustin Downing for CHINASHOP

Lorn and I wound up at this show in true YTC fashion, which means we basically had zero clue as to what we were going to see at The Roxy that night.  Some of the best shows I have seen were artists I had never listened too before and Nikka Costa would fall into that category.

Nikka Costa has a voice that is undeniable and she couples that with a stage presence that is rare.  She commanded The Roxy and had the entire place grooving, yelling and sweating profusely.  I’m sure if she had demanded a riot in the streets she would have had one to rival the Key Club’s recent Sunset Strip incident.  Considering she would be more classified under soul, not punk, that’s saying something!

Nikka Costa – Ching Ching Ching

It’s also worth noting, the opening act Pop Levi was AWESOME, per usual.  This dude is not to be missed.  If you live in LA and haven’t had a chance to catch the ridiculous guitar jams from Pop, then you NEED to get on top of it next time you see him billed.  Also, he’s got new tunes coming out every week on his website at http://www.worldempireinc.com

POP LEVI – Police $ign [PhOtOmachine Dub]

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