Ep.439 – Foo Fighters @ Spaceland – Silverlake,CA – 02/08/11

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After getting shut out of the last two Foo Fighters shows I was determined to see them in one of their secret club gigs. I had heard they were going to play a Spaceland show but when it comes to secret shows you never really know what will happen. I got word from a friend that tickets for the show at Spaceland were being sold at the Echoplex. As soon as I was able I make my way over there, I found out the show was already sold out.

Photo by: Steven Cervenka

I was pretty bummed out about the situation and was totally ready to give up.  Bryan, Tyson and Kimberly convinced me I should give it one last shot.  Some how Bryan worked his magic and I was in the show!

From the second I walked in the door I was jumping off the wall with excitement. I couldn’t believe I finally made it into one of the Foo Fighters secret shows!  Before the show began Dave Ghrol was just walking around drinking beers and taking pics with people.

Photo by: Joey Maloney / LAist

The Foos started off by playing there new album in its entirety and then preformed some of my favorite Foo songs. All I can say is these guys rock beyond comparison.

Foo Fighters Setlist Spaceland, Los Angeles, CA, USA 2011

Celebs in da hizzy included, Gwen Stefani, Gaven Rossdale, Kathy Griffin, Ron Jeremy and Christopher Mintz (MC Lovin).

This show was amazing to say the least and def worth the wait. The Foo Fighters are no doubt one of my favorite bands to see live and I can wait for them to do a full on tour in 2011.

Foo Fighters – White Limo by theindiedave

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