Ep.440 – Ozzy & Slash @ Bridgestone Arena – Nashville, TN

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Pardon my language, but Ozzy Osbourne and Slash made the Bridgestone Arena their b*tch last week. I was a tad disappointed when I heard there were a lot of empty seats and that Slash started his set 10 minutes early. Where’s the Rock n’ Roll in that? Oh, but there was plenty of Rock n’ Roll; and to those that didn’t make it out – shame, shame.


Photo Credit: Joe Rini @ Rini Photography

I immediately turned my mood around when I realized that Slash and company were going to play a decent amount of Guns N’ Roses. According to Setlist.fm, we missed four songs, including “Night Train,” which my concert counterpart will freak over if he finds out. I’m not as versed in Slash’s Snakepit, Velvet Revolver, or his new stuff, but I was starstruck and never fell out of it. Plus, the band would pump into another G N’ R hit every couple of songs to keep the crowd fueled and raring for the Crazy Train to come.

Video Credit: YouTube User LetItDye

The band’s singer, Myles Kennedy (of Alter Bridge – the Scott Stapp-free Creed), stayed true to Axl Rose’s stylings, but wasn’t impersonating and kept his own presence in the vocals. It’s a tough job to take on, and if you can’t get the band back together – Kennedy was a perfect substitute.

Video Credit: YouTube User godzilla

We replenished our beverages with the sweet sounds of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” in our heads, and made our way back to our seats for a hilarious sizzle reel superimposing Ozzy into pop-culture gems like “Jersey Shore,” Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video, and “Twilight.”

For a character with such a dark and evil reputation, he comes off as such a sweetie pie; Grandpa shuffles across the stage, full-arch arm swings, smiling from ear-to-ear; but then you get to the really good stuff. Pyro showers, foam-blasting the audience, buckets of water thrown every which way, guitarists with fans blowing their hair like Beyoncé, gongs, lighters, devil horns, explosions, Ozzy biting a rubber bat’s head (supplied by an audience member) and a semi-circle of monitors surrounding the mic, so Ozzy can hear himself. He is so freakin’ Metal. I have seen acts less than half his age on that stage not even come close to the show he puts on.

Video Credit: YouTube User bigtvol

We saw him at Voodoo Experience in October. Whether your watching him from a few thousand people back or just a few rows, Ozzy comes through equally as strong.

Except for a couple of trade-outs Ozzy’s setlist was pretty much a replica of that show in New Orleans. Fully-loaded with hits and Sabbath. He respects what the crowd wants to hear, and knows that if a person comes once and loves it, they’ll come again.

Both Ozzy and Slash understand how to successfully craft a setlist and grasp the fact that the substance of an arena show is far more important than how long the act plays. Timing means so much with these shows. If you have people holding their bladder at their seats or rushing through the lobby risking spillage of their $10 drinks, so that they won’t miss another moment – you’re doing it right. Ozzy and Slash did it right!   Iii|; )’    (love Slash’s personal emoticon)

Click here for more Slash photos by Joe Rini


YTC SHOUT OUT – Thank you so much to Ron and Bev for their generosity in providing our photographer with a ticket. You rule!


Ozzy Osbourne – Shot in the Dark

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  1. Chris says:

    This show was fucking awesome, need I say more!! We were dead center stage only a few rows back and had a great time. My ears rang for 3 days and were sore for 2 more.

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