Ep.443 – Theophilus London @ Key Club – West Hollywood,CA – 03/24/11

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Prior to this show, I had seen the name Theophilus London around, but really didn’t know much about him.  The Key Club did a good job buzzing about this show, so I decided that I should probably check it out.

When I arrived at the Key Club, the place was packed and had just reached capacity.  The one thing that caught my attention right of the bat, was that the entire crowd seemed to be very young; most of the attendees being around 18.  This def added a lot of energy to the show, as these kids were going nuts the entire time.

Photo by: Photos by: George LeMontague

From the moment Theophilus hit the stage,  the Key Club was a bumping.  He spent the entire show running and jumping around the stage.  He knew how to interact with the crowd and get them all riled up.  Theophilus was accompanied by a DJ and a live band.  I love seeing rappers add live musical aspects to their show.  It creates a raw energy that you just don’t get when you are only using a DJ.

Photos by: George LeMontague

Towards the end of the show Theophilus started pulling hot chicks on to the stage and shut things down right. The one complaint I have is simply that the audio mix was a bit off and it was hard to hear Theophilus at times. Nonetheless, I had a blast at this show, and have to say that Mr. London knows what he is doing. I will def catch him again.

Check out more photos from the show here.

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