Ep.447 – Lil Wayne w/ Nicki Minaj @ Staples Center – Los Angeles,CA – 04/22/11

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This show was a doozy!    It was originally scheduled for Thursday, the 21st of April, but due to the Los Angeles Kings making the NHL playoffs it was rescheduled to Friday, the 22nd. I think this may have caused a large amount of people planning to attend this show to to miss it – due to scheduling issues. The show had initially sold out, but the show was far from full.

Unfortunately, we got a late start and ended up missing a bit of Weezy and the opening acts. Travis Barker and Rick Ross opened this show. From what we saw via Twitter, it looked as though the crowd was def digging their stuff.

When we arrived at Staples things looked barren, and as if everyone had already gone into the show. There were a few scalpers on the street who were being mega dicks. This made it difficult to track down last minute tix. Nonetheless, we were able to find some cool peeps to hook us up and we walked in right as Nikki Minaj took the stage.

Nikki def knew how to work it and had the crowd in the palm of her hand from start to finish. I, personally, wasn’t blown away by her set, but people couldn’t stop talking about her lap dance routine, where she pulled one lucky fellow of the crowd up on to the stage for some good old fashion fun. Another thing that shined about Nikki’s set, was her constant change of outfits and her giant pink beehive wig.


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It turned out that Lil’ Wayne had been on stage prior to Nicki’s performance, and was joined by the Game to perform ” My Life.”

It def was a bummer that we missed the first half of Weezy’s set, but the second half quenched our thirst and was more than entertaining. Lil’ Wayne dropped hit after hit with “Lollipop” ” Bed Rock”, and “A Milli.” Wayne’s set was filled with special guests (The Game, Cory Gunz and Birdman) hot chicks dancing, pyrotechnics, and a full band backing him throughout the show. It’s always great to see Hip-Hop acts perform with a live band. It brings such a real and raw energy to their show.

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One thing that bummed me about Weezy’s set is,  that he used his voice changer far to much. I don’t mind hearing Wayne use the voice changer on recorded material, but it was very difficult to hear what he was saying for a lot of the songs. When he wasn’t using the voice changer, you could hear him crystal clear, and it surpassed the numbers he did with the voice effects.

I also thought the crowd was kinda whack. There were some people who were getting into the show, but a lot of the peeps in attendance didn’t really seem to get into it and were just there to be seen and say they saw Lil’ Wayne. I def did my best to get down, but when everyone around you is sitting – it makes things a bit more difficult.

Pros vs. cons, I do have to recommend – catch Lil Wayne. Shittt… it is Weezy F Baby after all, and I am glad to say I saw him :)

Lil Wayne w/ Corey Gunz – 6 foot 7 foot

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