Ep.448 – Robert Plant and the Band of Joy @ The Greek Theatre – Los Angeles, CA – 04/23/2011

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No one will argue that Robert Plant is a living legend, the guy was the lead singer for Led Zeppelin, but that doesn’t give any insight into just how legendary he still is.

Lorn had previously seen Plant with Alison Krauss not too long ago and had many praises for the show.  This gave me the confidence that Plant still had it, so I was pretty excited to see what his show was like with the Band of Joy.  I knew he would throw in some Zeppelin songs, and although they weren’t the same songs you know by heart, the reinterpretations were amazing.  Plants voice is still killer and his new folk style brought a chill vibe to the Greek that was perfect on a Saturday night in April.

Image by Mary Bell for OC Weekly

My personal highlight of the evening was a rendition of “Ramble On.”  Of course I am bias because this is a song I know and one of my favorites, but the entire song had a completely different feel while still retaining the essence of the original.  Obviously the majority of the crowd was a bit older than I am, but they were all in awe of this man and his new band.  Many of them had seen him decades ago and were begging for a chance to see him one more time.

I hope this isn’t the last time I see Robert Plant, and if you are at all interested do not miss an opportunity to see him yourself.   I can personally guarantee you will not only NOT be disapponited, you will be in awe.  This guy has got that thing we all go to concerts to see.  That magic we all want to experience.

Robert Plant – Silver Rider

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