Ep.457 – Rammstein @ The Forum – Los Angeles, CA – 5/20/2011

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I can confidently say this will be one of the Top 10 shows of  2011 for me.  Rammstein may get a roll of the eyes from the average American concert goer, but that’s because they probably have no real idea what goes on at one of these shows.  Sure it’s a lot of evil sounding German lyrics over really heavy guitar riffs, but it’s so much more!

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from Rammstein at the Forum, but I knew it would be interesting.  Hard rock shows are always my favorite, but I figured these guys had to have a little more to their show than just a lot of hard rocking.  First of all, they haven’t played in the US for 10 years.

Rammstein at the Forum

Photo by Tim Mosenfelder for Soundspike

I read an interview where Till Lindemann mentioned they didn’t feel the support was there for them to do the full stage show in the US (including insane amounts of pyrotechnics!)  Finally, after a decade of waiting, they realized the fans were begging for a return and this time it was the real deal.

Pyro, fireworks, lights, costumes, props; they had it all!  The most impressive aspect was the showmanship.  Every one of the musicians was also a performer and many parts of the show almost felt like an opera.  Obviously not your grandmothers opera, but a post-industrial gothic german rock opera!

If Rammstein ever comes back to LA, you can count on me being there.  I HIGHLY recommend their show if you are even remotely interested.

Rammstein – Amerika

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  1. emily nieswiadomy says:

    I’m a grandmother and I love them. Best concert in Dallas I ever attended and I’ve been to alot. Their the greatest, no one comes near them.

  2. Nokia 216 says:

    this worlk of tha good..

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