Ep. 459 – Lykke Li @ Wiltern – Los Angeles,CA – 05/31/11

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Lykke Li @ The Wiltern Concert Review

There has been crazy buzz around Lykke Li, she has sold out several shows in Los Angeles over the past few months and had just announced that she would be playing a show at The Greek towards summers end. I was pretty excited to finally get to see Lykke Li and she was performing to a SOLD OUT audience at the Wiltern so I was pretty sure it was going to be a great show.

This was my first time seeing Lykke Li so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. I knew a few of her songs, such as ” I’m Good I’m Gone” and “Get Some” and heard her voice used in songs of several other artists’ such as Drake, N.A.S.A, Royksopp and Amanda Blank.

I usually enjoy seeing shows at The Wiltern but every once in a while the sound can be fickle and it’s hard to hear the performer. I found this to be the case with Lykke Li. I stood in several spots around the venue, the backcenter, the middle far right and middle dead center. I never made it up to the GA area located directly in front of the stage so I am not sure how Lykke Li sounded there but found that I was not satisfied with the sound at any of the locations I tested. Out of all three locations I would have to say the middle dead center of the venue was the best place to hear Lykke Li. Regardless, I thought Lykke Li was very hard to hear and the sound quality was sub par.

Lykke Li

Photo by Shawn Shaffie

I didn’t really know a lot of Lykke Li’s songs but she did play “I’m Good I’m Gone” and “Get Some”. In addition to playing the songs I knew she also did a few covers including The Knife’s “Silent Shout” and The Big Pink’s “Velvet”. The band put in a lot of energy and a lot of hard work and out-shined Lykke Li in my personal opinion.

Lykke Li @ Wiltern Set List

  1. Jerome
  2. I’m good I’m gone
  3. Sadness is a Blessing
  4. Velvet (The Big Pink cover)
  5. I follows rivers
  6. Dance Dance Dance
  7. Made You Move
  8. I Know Places
  9. Little Bit
  10. Love Out Of Lust
  11. Rich Kid Blues
  12. Silent Shout (The Knife cover)
  13. Until We Bleed Play Video (Kleerup cover)
  14. Get Some


  1. Youth Knows No Pain (with extended outro)
  2. Possibility
  3. Unrequited Love

The crowd was probably my favorite part about this show. Everyone seemed to be having a really good time and wasn’t afraid to dance around and sing along with Lykke Li. There also seemed to be a lot of really big fans in attendance and everyone I spoke with after the show had a great time. There were a few criticism here and there but for the most part everyone seemed really happy.

Lykke Li – Get Some (Beck Remix)
Lykke Li – Velvet (Big Pink cover)

I did not enjoy Lykke Li very much. The thing that turned me off the most was the stage set up. Everyone and everything was dressed in black including all of the bands instruments. This wouldn’t have been a problem for me if there wasn’t a blinding white light shining in my face the entire time. There was also an insane amount of fog pouring from the stage that amplified the blinding light. I just didn’t find the set up very appealing but from what I understand it was very European so it must have been cooler than I thought. Lykke Li’s set up might have worked better at an outdoor venue but I think it should have been turned down a bit for this indoor performance. I am not sure if I will go see Lykke Li again but at this point in time I am leaning towards not seeing her again. -Lorn

Photos – Lykke Li w/ Best Coast and Fools Gold @ The Greek Theater – Los Angeles, CA – 08/03/11

Lykke Li Tour Dates

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