Ep.464 – Jimmy Buffett Fan Reviews @ Bridgestone Arena – Nashville, TN 5-28-11

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My sister and I were sitting by the pool, when we overheard a group of college kids talking about the Jimmy Buffett concert they were going to that evening. It was Memorial Day weekend, almost 3 o’clock and we didn’t have any concrete plans for the night. Sure, we had a couple hours of tanning sun left, but we could only imagine what kind of tropical debauchery was going on downtown.

Last time Jimmy Buffett was here, it was raining. This was a way better set up – a sunny, long weekend. We hit the showers and headed to Broadway.The newly-opened Margaritaville had a block party going on with a cover band and some beach games (cornhole, limbo, etc). There were street performers, not unusual for the area, but this particular afternoon it was more stunt-related talent (stilts/human robots) trying to create a Key West atmosphere in a humid, cicada-striken Nashville.

Jimmy Buffett

Half of the fun of a Jimmy Buffett concert is the pre-party. I don’t know if there was tailgating here like there was at the shows I’ve seen in California and Massachusetts, but if there I was, it’s a bummer I missed it. I used to love walking around admiring all the props. People would put out sand, lawn chairs, and blow up palm trees, and hang out all day at their cars – grilling and whatnot.Remember the most important part of the pre-party though – don’t get too drunk. There’s a show to go to!We bar-bounced after doing a lap around the block party.

About an hour before the show, we started to look for tickets. A police officer happened to have a pair that a group of Parrotheads gave to him. I guess two of their friends couldn’t make it, so they put him in charge of finding some takers. Many thanks to those YTC sponsors and the cop that chose us, wherever you are!

I must share my favorite Facebook comment from when I posted the cop/ticket scenario:“Excuse me ma’am, I’m going to have to give you a ticket…TO JIMMY BUFFETT!” Funny sh*t!

Jimmy Buffett

Sissy and I at Jimmy Buffett!

The Jimmy Buffett shows I’ve been to in the past have been outside, and I’ve been on the lawn. This was my first time being able to see the island landscape slide shows and focus on Jimmy. He makes a arena feel like a cruise ship, and he’s so calm and natural, like he’s playing for a small crowd. He mentioned playing for about 14 people at the Exit/In when he first started. I found this excerpt on troprockconnection.com, which I think Nashville can appreciate. Do you think he did the all-out island theme at that first show? I wonder how much it differed from today.

Owsley Manier (one of the original owners of the Exit/In) tells the story of getting the club ready to open, before the stage was even finished, when it was just “a couple of two-by-fours and some plywood. “A man walked through the street door–not the famous rear entrance that gave the club its name–and asked for an audition. He walked onto the half-finished stage in cutoffs, played a couple of songs, and Manier said, “That’s cool, you’re hired. What’s your name?” It was Jimmy Buffett, fresh from the college circuit and ready to start a run as one of the Exit/In’s first hot young acts.

Video from YouTube User GregCherry

Now in 2011, Jimmy Buffett played a 20,000 person arena in the same town and has one of his chain restaurant on the main strip. Crazy. It was a blast. Beach balls were tossed around the crowd. I accidentally whacked someone off the head with one. Kenny Chesney showed up for a couple of songs rocking Nashville’s world. A lovely flower-shaped balloon hat was passed down my aisle, which I claimed for my own and wore it out all night. ( I had to remove my sunglasses to get into the dance club later, but my balloon hat, sundress, and sandals weren’t a problem. Love you, Nashville.)

Jimmy Buffett

File this in: outfits that won't make it through an LA club door.

Missing my homes near the ocean, Jimmy Buffett’s show was a pleasant imaginary vacation. Although, since leaving that arena I’ve been craving Malibu and Catalina Island like crazy. I think a trip to the Florida Keys will do. Who’s coming with me?

Don’t forget to share your Jimmy Buffett reviews, because when you tell concerts…it’s cooler!

Listen to some Jimmy Buffett while doing so at www.radiomargaritaville.com.

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