Ep.496 – Das Racist @ Exit/In – Nashville, TN 10-13-11

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Das Racist Video Concert Reviews

Das Racist played a ton of shows at SXSW this year, and I managed to miss every stinkin’ one of them. Our schedules just wouldn’t match up…but that’s okay, because I got to see them a couple weeks ago at Nashville’s beloved Exit/In.

I got to the show around 10, and it looked as if things had just started up. Das Racist didn’t actually take the stage until around midnight.

The best way I can describe Das Racist would be calling them the new generation Beastie Boys. They aren’t ripping anything off; the comparison comes from a place of subject matter and temperament. Das Racist’s beats are more dance-driven, and these guys can chillax their flow to almost A Tribe Called Quest composure.

Das Racist

Photo Credit: Robert Andrews

Seriously, there isn’t a song on their new release, “Relax,” that I don’t like. The album is well-produced and moves around, so songs don’t blend together. There’s a lot of contrast in each members’ rapping style, plus a range in musical textures and tricky rhyming patterns.

The live show was a blast, mostly because I was watching friends (not my friends…friends with each other) that were having fun onstage. It’s like hearing someone belly laugh – you have to chuckle yourself. The guys of Das Racist don’t take anything too seriously. They don’t come off as cocky either, but if you didn’t like the show, I’m not sure they would care. As long as they are enjoying themselves, then it’s assumed that everyone else is too…fair assumption.

Hey, you can actual play the “Who’s That? Brooown!” video game on Das Racist’s website: http://dasracist.net/whosthatbrown.html

If you’ve seen Das Racist, won’t you comment with your thoughts on their live show? Because “When You Tell Concerts…It’s Cooler!”


Photo Credit: Robert Andrews

Photos of Das Racist (and others) in Los Angeles – 2/2011

Visit www.dasracist.net for more info on Das Racist!

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