Ep.508 – Hall and Oates @ Ryman Auditorium – Nashville, TN 12-8-11

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Hall and Oates Video Concert Reviews – Nashville


I made it downtown to the Ryman Auditorium a little past 7:30 last Thursday, in hopes to score a cheap seat to the sold-out Hall and Oates show. When I got there, there were few stragglers, and those stragglers were fans looking for tickets…not people wanting to sell their extras.  A security guard let me know that there wasn’t an opening act for this event, and the show had already started.  He said it would be over by 9:30.

The cheapest ticket I saw a scalper sell was for $30, and that was halfway through the show.  They weren’t letting any go for cheaper than that, so I decided to wait it out in the cold.  I already missed Hall and Oates with Chromeo at Bonnaroo a couple years back, and I needed to give it my all to feel better about that horrible mistake.

Tourists came by and asked me who was playing.  When I replied, “Hall & Oates,” their faces lit up…”REALLY?!”…and then their expression would immediately turn to disappointment when I told them the box office was closed, as the show was almost over.

Eventually, my persistence paid off.   A couple leaving the venue early had an extra ticket that they didn’t use, and they paid it forward!  It’s been awhile since I’ve had some miracle ticket action.  (Thanks John and Brenda!) I got inside during “I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do),” which was the last song before the dual encore.

Hall and Oates

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The Ryman was in a state that I’ve never seen before.  Everyone was on their feet, and the balcony space was full of people who wanted some room to dance.  The winning combination of sexy sax, Daryl Hall’s smooth soul, and the Ryman’s famous draft cups full of wine had everyone in the mood.  I’m a John Oates fan myself, so I couldn’t get my eyes off that hot little nugget of a man.

The encores included most of the songs I wanted to hear, “Rich Girl,” “You Make My Dreams,” “Kiss on My List,” and “Private Eyes.”  “Maneater” is my favorite, but it looks like they played it first, and I can’t argue with a strong opener.  They sounded amazing and the diversity of the crowd speaks for how timeless the music of Hall & Oates is.  How often can parents, kids, and even grandparents agree on the talent of a band?

I saw celebrities (Big Kenny of Big & Rich wasn’t down to do an interview), teenagers, people of all races…I even saw a cane waving in the air during the final bows.

Fans waited outside the Ryman for a chance to meet the Daryl and John like the kids did when I saw Nick Jonas awhile back.  John Oates did come outside, snapped some photos with fans, and then took off  driving his car towards Broadway.  You could hear fans yelling down the street as they noticed it was him driving by.  So awesome.

For a few people I talked to, an evening with Hall and Oates was a complete surprise.  Like the tourists I met waiting outside, they were just in town visiting with some fun money burning holes in their pockets.  Scalpers brought the show to their attention, and it was a no-brainer.  Downtown is soaked in Country cover bands, so this was something completely different, nostalgic, and a rare opportunity.  Music City is a smart place to be a ticket scalper.

I only got a taste of the Hall and Oates show, but it was satisfying.  If I get the chance again, I’ll definitely work a little harder to get my butt to the venue early.

If  you were at this Hall and Oates show, or are a big Hall and Oates fan, please comment on this video and let us know what you think of their music or the show that you’ve seen.  Heck, share some Hall and Oates memories, because this is You Tell Concerts…and when “You Tell Concerts…It’s Cooler!”

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