Ep. 556 – HitRecord On TV @ The Troubadour – West Hollywood, CA – 9/7/13

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HitRecord On TV @ The Troubadour
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For those of you that aren’t hip to it, HitRecord is an online collaborative production company founded and owned by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The site features all forms of media and art and is by far one of the coolest concepts sites around. HitRecord on TV is a live interactive version of the site where guest are asked to participate as collaborators by bringing their own cameras to record the show that Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Average Joe as he is known on the site) has put together. The show featured several musical numbers, one of which had Joe on drums and another that featured him on piano and lead vocals. The show was not limited to musical numbers and featured a few comedy bits and monologues from Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The highlight of the night was when Joe began to talk to the crowd about an audience interaction piece that would involve us pretending to die. As he was demonstrating a death he some how managed to tear his pants. This lead to a problem as the costume department did not have a new pair of pants on hand and the crowd would need to wait as the issue was taken care of. People began to leave and in an effort to keep them around Joe yelled to the DJ to pump up the volume and play some tunes. He then proceeded to get off of the stage and into the crowd to dance with us. Instantly the entire vibe of the crowd that was begin to wander changed and everyone was dancing and getting down. I think this said a lot about Joseph Gordon-Levitt and proved that he is dedicated to making his show a hit and to always leave the crowd happy and wanting more.

This was the second HitRecord show I have attended and it certainly wont be the last! – Lorn

HitRecord On TV @ The Troubadour
Video Concert Review

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