Ep. 558 – Pixies @ El Rey – Los Angeles, CA – 9/11/13

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Pixies @ El Rey Video Concert Review

Pixies @ El Rey Concert Review


What??? The Pixies at El Rey? Yep it happened and they melted faces. This show was the last of a three sho run at El Rey that featured new bassist Kim Shattuck who recently replaced Kim Deal. The replacement didn’t bother me in the slightest but there was def negative mumblings about it amongst the crowd. The 31 song set featured Pixies classics such as “Bone Machine”, “Monkeys Gone To Heaven”, “Mr Grieves”, “Caribou”,”Wave of Mutilation”, “Gouge Away”, “Hey”, “Wave of Mutilation” and “Where is my Mind” just to name a few.  The set also featured covers of The Fall, Neil Young and even David Lynch.  The band also gave a live debut to their track “Silver Snail”

Pixies @ El Rey Setlist – 9/11/13

  1. Bone Machine
  2. Subbacultcha
  3. Break My Body
  4. Monkey Gone to Heaven
  5. Blown Away
  6. Bagboy
  7. Indie Cindy
  8. Brick Is Red
  9. I Bleed
  10. River Euphrates
  11. Mr. Grieves
  12. Isla de Encanta
  13. Caribou
  14. Havalina
  15. Velouria
  16. What Goes Boom
  17. Wave of Mutilation
  18. Gouge Away
  19. Hey
  20. Silver Snail (Live Debut)
  21. Motorway to Roswell
  22. Big New Prinz (The Fall cover)
  23. Planet of Sound
  24. I’ve Been Tired
  25. Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)
  26. Winterlong (Neil Young cover)
  27. Vamos
  28. In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song) (David Lynch cover)
  29. Andro Queen
  30. Where Is My Mind?
  31. Greens and Blues
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