Ep.100 – Ratatat @ The Henry Fonda Music Box – Hollywood,CA

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Lorn and Bryan hit up the Ratatat show at the Fonda to celebrate YTC’s 100th episode and get fan reviews of the show.

We finally hit our 100th show!!  It took awhile to get in to this one and unfortunately Bryan wasn’t able to get a ticket and decided to leave early.  After about 3 hours someone finally hooked it up and I got in to the show. Before I could reach the door of the Fonda some one tapped me on the shoulder and said “aren’t you the guy from that concert website?” I responded, “ah man, ya, I am have you actually been to the site before?”  “Ya I visit it like twice a week.”  His name was Gilbert and meeting him was  the highlight of this show for me.  It feels good to know that people are visiting the site to get other peoples opinions of concerts.  This was the perfect thing to happen on the 100th eps and inspires me to keep on keeping on with YTC.  The band got the crowd bouncing off the wall, but only played for an hour and that bummed me out.  I would like to see Ratatat again but would prefer not to pay $20 for a 1 hour show.

Thanks to:

Bryan Duckworth

Chrystal Heidemann
Josh Kaplin

William Hensen
Michael Beck 
Dana Petty
Ghostland Observatory
The Ting Tings
Sen Dog
Brad Smith
Nada Surf

Silent Army
The El Rey
Henry Fonda Music Box
Andy Nutzhorn
Robert Holmes
Howard and Kelly Conner
Anyone that gave us a free ticket to a concert
Everyone who has done a Interview with us thus far, you have helped make history!


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2 Comments to “Ep.100 – Ratatat @ The Henry Fonda Music Box – Hollywood,CA”

  1. Chrystal says:

    I can’t even explain how proud I am of you guys. Thanks for letting me tag along for the ride. It’s only the beginning!

  2. Gilbert says:

    Agree about the length of the show. Other than that it was cool meeting Lorn and ‘bouncing off the walls!’ even though it was only for an hour.

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