Ep.102 – Miley Cyrus w/ The Jonas Brothers – Gibson Amphitheater – Los Angeles, CA

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Chrystal heads out to the Gibson Amphitheater at Universal Studios to see Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers on 09/14/2008 and get fan reviews of the show.

I couldn’t stop smiling at this show. There was so much excitement in the venue! The average age range of the audience had to have been 7 to 16, and majority of the crowd was there to see The Jonas Brothers. The kids loved it, and put a lot of work into their custom designed signs and t-shirts.

It was a fun show. I definitely felt out of place, and was way too old to be there without chaperoning a tween, but whatevz, I respect the artists and the positive impact that they have on their fans. Looking around, I wasn’t the only one over 18 enjoying myself. A lot of mothers were getting a kick out of it too.

The Jonas Brothers are adorable, and I’m impressed with how talented they are. However, being a die-hard Backstreet Boys fan, I have to encourage that one dude to lay off the Nick Carter copycat voice. It’s so nasally, and will not work for his career much longer. Look at my poor Nick.

I wish the crowd was more amped up for Miley. She gives it her all on stage, and is completely genuine. During her first song, her mic pack unplugged and her earpiece got lost in her extensions. There was a good 45 seconds of awkwardness while her backup singers tried to help her out. Miley was so funny about it, saying something like, “I guess I was trying to impress all my friends in the audience. Now I just look…stupid.” I thought that was really cute.

She was wearing a Metro Station t-shirt (her brother’s band), and had this kick-ass rhinestone microphone stand. Her dancers were good and added that “High School Musical” feel that’s all the rage right now, but I hated their outfits.

I don’t know many of the songs I heard, but Miley’s “Fly on the Wall” was a hit. During that song she threw her hat and jacket out into the audience. How fun is it for the girls that caught those? Walking into school the next day showing off their prize from the concert…awesome.

This whole concert was put together to benefit the City of Hope research and treatment center. It was hosted by a couple of guys that were on Dancing with the Stars, and in between acts informative videos about City of Hope would play on the screens. Miley has already raised a million dollars for the hospital, and I think I heard (over the high-pitched screams) that this specific concert brought in $350,000 for City of Hope. Incredible.-Chrystal

You can learn more about City of Hope by visiting: www.cityofhope.org

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  1. hailey says:

    wow haha amazing concert!
    i was with the girls in the HIGH HEELS RED DRESS
    and we were bomb

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