Ep.15 – Nada Surf @ The Showbox Market – Seattle, WA

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Lorn and Burn see Nada Surf at the Show Box @ The Market in Seattle, WA and get fan reviews of the show.

I had always wanted to see Nada Surf, but could never find any one to go with me.  Some people just aren’t turned on.  Burn had never listened to them either, but I had free tickets so he was down for the cause

My personal highlight from this show was before they played the song Popular.  Matthews Caws told a story about how the person who signed them to their current record deal had never actually heard this song, even though it was their very first single in the mid 90s, and he was in the audience so they were going to play it for him for the very first time.

As soon as the show was over the entire band came out in to the lobby and started signing autographs.  I was lucky enough to score an obscure interview with Matthew Caws.  I also talked with a lot of people after the show and I think everyone got rocked at this show. It was the first of a two night run, and I still ask myself why I didn’t go back for the second.  Nada Surf is on the list and recommended for people who like to chill out and rock! -lorn

Thanks to Ever at Barsuk Records for setting us up with tickets to this show.

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