Ep.153 – John Legend w/ Estelle @ Ryman Auditorium – Nashville, TN

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Chrystal heads out to the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN to catch a performance by John Legend featuring Estelle. Afterward she gets fan reviews of the show!

To those of you who took you significant other to see John Legend at the Ryman Auditorium on Monday…KUDOS! Perfect date concert! Get dressed up, grab some dinner at one of the nearby restaurants on 2nd St. or Broadway, and then sit back in the beauty of the Ryman and enjoy some sensual melodies sung by John Legend.

The Ryman Auditorium is an elegant theater with church-like characteristics – stained glass windows and pew seating. A lot of people were telling me how this venue is perfect for recording a live show because the acoustics are magical. I hear it’s haunted though…scary!

Estelle opened the show with a lot of spunk. She’s very comfortable on stage and quite humorous. If she saw the crowd start to sit down…she’d call us out on it. We couldn’t disengage even if we wanted to. Estelle wouldn’t allow it. She has a great voice, but I believe her performance skills and confidence are what really makes her “Shine.” Her backup boys were a nice touch. They filled out the sound and added a great energy to her set with their dancing.

Yeah, John Legend. Obviously John is very talented, but I think it should be noted how amazing his accompaniment is. One of his backup singers was featured a lot throughout the night, and she just blew me away. She sang gorgeous embellishments with such ease and she blended perfectly with John. The horn section rocked it. They even threw in some choreography.

I think it’s just amazing what Mr. Legend’s voice does to people. I looked around and saw couples canoodling and girls slowly making there way closer and closer to the stage. By the end of the show, the front of the stage was packed with girls. I envy the one chick that got pulled up to dance with John for “Slow Dance.” At the end of the song, he gave her a single red rose. Delicious!

I loved his covers. “Computer Love” by Zapp and “Heaven Must Be Like This,” by Ohio Players stood out for me. His set was minimal…just a huge video screen with graphics for each song. Whoever put the video show together did a good job in switching up styles. Some of the video was 70s and retro style and other imagery was more modern. It didn’t take the focus away from John, but added a little something extra.

This was a laid back concert. Definitely something for a more tame crowd, and an ideal show for a Monday night. The venue made it a unique experience. John Legend has a something for everybody. Even if you don’t listen to him regularly, don’t let him pass you by. If you can make it happen, go see him. You won’t be disappointed.


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