Ep.18 – Jose Gonzalez w/ Mia Doi Todd @ The Triple Door

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Lorn goes on his first YTC solo mission to see Jose Gonzalez and Mia Doi Todd at the Triple Door and get fan reviews of the show.

This was a show I just could not miss.  I had missed Jose Gonzalez far too many times and was not going to regret missing this one.  My friend Waldo had seen Jose at the Wiltern in Los Angeles a few days before and had made it in through Mia Doi Todd.  Waldo was kinda enough to make a few calls and I was all set for this sold out show. 

Unfortunately I was not not able to find anyone to come with me, but had an incredible time.  Both Mia and Jose were delightful and were the perfect artists to perform at this amazing venue.  I would suggest to anyone who has the opportunity to see a show at the Triple Door to take it!  Looking back at this video, I can see I have come along way with my solo missions. -lorn

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