Ep.180 – The Let It Rock Tour @ Rocketown – Nashville , TN

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The first show of the Let It Rock Tour featuring Kevin Rudolf, Jeremy Greene, Hypercrush, Cash Cash, The Audition, and Go Crash Audio was held on Friday night at Rocketown in Nashville, TN.

Rocketown is a hip rec center marketed towards an 18 and under crowd. There’s a skatepark, coffee bar, well-equipped music venue, and a full schedule of after school programming (music lessons and such). Although I love the concept of this place, I don’t think it was a good fit for this tour.

It was a very small crowd. More people would have come out if the show was held at a place like the Exit/In or 12th and Porter. I’m sure a lot of 21+’ers wanted to see Hypercrush, but were turned off because of the venue. Personally, when I hear the song “Sex and Drugs,” I want to get my drink on, but not possible at a dry venue. Ah well, Hypercrush’s set was still a ton of fun.

I felt like Nashville was used as a test audience for the tour… a live dress rehearsal. There were glitches left and right.

* Long set changes
* Bands loading in and out themselves/sound checking for 10 minutes before their set took all the fun out of a grand entrance
* Cash Cash’s singer splashed water on the crowd, getting their keyboardist’s vocoder wet – which might have messed it up for a few minutes. He looked like he was in slight panic.
* Hypercrush complaining about the levels in their monitors
* Kevin Rudolf’s guitar strap falling off

These are all small mishaps, but when they start to add up, it’s obvious that there’s a weird vibe. Nerves, crappy turn-out, poor sound – whatever it was, it was an “off” night.

All the little mistakes made it that much more of an original experience for me. After their sets, the bands were hanging out with the audience. That was a nice intimate touch that you don’t see very often. All the opening acts were in the crowd watching Kevin perform – I liked that.

Overall, Cash Cash stole my heart that night, and I bought their album this weekend. I love their music. Yes, it’s very poppy and young, but it gets me moving. I don’t understand how guys their age can conquer the 80s so well. Hypercrush was great too, but their songs are a bit static – they need to switch it up more composition-wise. I wish Donny would be less serious on stage and connect with the audience. They are fun to watch, and I have to say, they are one hell of an attractive group.

(Side Observation: Looks like Donny’s trying to grow a rat tail…Don’t do it, Donny! Please!)

Jeremy Greene was a disappointment for me. It sounded like he was singing karaoke. He needs to stop trying to pump up the crowd with numerous “Hey Laaaaadies” call-outs, and focus on hitting the notes. I heard one audience member yell, “Go Away!” If you can’t impress this small Nashville crowd – you are in for a rude awakening on tour.

I hate to be mean, because Greene must have some talent if he’s making hits – so check out JacqueLewisMusic’s YouTube footage and decide for yourself:

I’m a Kevin Rudolf fan. It’s refreshing to see a studio musician and hit songwriter make it big himself. What’s weird is that I would always sing that “Let It Rock” song, and I would never know where I heard it or who sang it. It subconsciously implanted in my brain, and that is what makes a good song. I was pumped when I found out that it was Kevin Rudolf, and that he was the headliner for the Hypercrush show.

I’d go see Cash Cash, Hypercrush, and Kevin Rudolf again in a heartbeat. I’m interested to hear what other ticket holders have to say when the show comes to their town. What is the venue like? How’s the overall flow of the show? What is the crowd like (size and age)?

I wonder if this was just a flop on the booking side here in Nashville, or if all the shows on the tour are marketed this way. Comment bee-yatchz! B-cuz when you tell concerts, it’s cooler…-*Chrystal

“Let It Rock” tour dates as seen at http://www.myspace.com/kevinrudolfmusic

Apr 7 2009 6:00P
Bogarts “Let It Rock” Tour Cincinnati, Ohio
Apr 8 2009 5:00P
House Of Blues “Let It Rock” Tour Chicago, Illinois
Apr 10 2009 6:30P
Gothic Theatre (16+) “Let It Rock” Tour Englewood, Colorado
Apr 11 2009 6:00P
North Field City Park- Winter Breakdown 2009 Kelowna,BC
Apr 12 2009 5:30P
The New Oasis “Let It Rock” Tour Sparks, Nevada
Apr 13 2009 6:30P
The Fillmore “Let It Rock” Tour San Francisco, California
Apr 14 2009 6:00P
The Boardwalk “Let It Rock” Tour Orangevale, California
Apr 15 2009 5:00P
House Of Blues “Let It Rock” Tour Las Vegas, Nevada
Apr 17 2009 6:00P
House Of Blues “Let It Rock” Tour West Hollywood, California
Apr 18 2009 6:00P
House Of Blues “Let It Rock” Tour Anaheim, California
Apr 21 2009 6:00P
House Of Blues “Let It Rock” Tour Dallas, Texas
Apr 22 2009 6:00P
House Of Blues “Let It Rock” Tour Houston, Texas
Apr 23 2009 7:00P
The Parish @ House Of Blues “Let It Rock” Tour New Orleans, Louisiana
Apr 24 2009 6:30P
The Masquerade “Let It Rock” Tour Atlanta, Georgia
Apr 25 2009 6:00P
The Florida Mall-FREE SHOW Orlando, Florida
Apr 26 2009 6:00P
House Of Blues “Let It Rock” Tour North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Apr 28 2009 6:00P
House Of Blues “Let It Rock” Tour Cleveland, Ohio
Apr 29 2009 6:00P
The Town Ballroom “Let It Rock” Tour Buffalo, New York
May 1 2009 6:30P
The National “Let It Rock” Tour Richmond, Virginia
May 3 2009 8:00P
Webster Theater “Let It Rock” Tour Hartford, Connecticut
May 7 2009 6:00P
Mr. Smalls “Let It Rock” Tour Millvale, Pennsylvania
May 8 2009 7:00P
Sonar “Let It Rock” Tour Baltimore, Maryland
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