Ep.181 – Asher Roth @ Key Club – West Hollywood, CA

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Bryan and Lorn check out the Asher Roth listening party @ Turntable Labs in West Hollywood w/ free PBR Beer Pong and Belvedere Vodka before Bryan and Kimberly head out to see his show at the Key Club and get fan reviews.

Asher Roth CD Release Listening Party w/ FREE BOOZE!!
Asher Roth Listening Party

There really is no question as to why Asher Roth has 3.5mil+ views on his MySpace page and over 25mil listens on his song “I Love College.” He really is the perfect storm of the jewish/white suburban rapper easily excessible on the 21st century interwebs. Everything that Eminem was supposed to represent as being a face that suburban kids could relate to, Asher Roth actually embodies. He might not be the best rapper, but he certainly isn’t terrible, and he actually does look like some suburban nobody you would see trolling any overpopulated campus in the midwest.

The show was 15+ and it was obvious. I don’t have a problem with this though, because the kids bring the party and they were having a great time. I have been to several shows that I thought were objectively better from a musical performance standpoint, but that were no where close to the energy and enthusiasm that Asher brought out of the fans at his show. I gots to respect that.

Asher Roth @ The Key Club

I don’t believe Asher Roth is anywhere close to being a “one hit wonder.” Get used to hearing “I Love College,” prepare for more beer and weed fueled anthems, and keep an eye out for mainstream news sources to start blaming Asher for binge drinking and sexual promiscuity. (Cause as anyone knows, this is the true sign of success!)

Can you rap better than Asher?

When you were 15 years old did you just want to bang mad bitches, do keg stands, smoke trees, and go to college?

Do you think Eminem is jealous of Asher because he’s like 20 years younger than him?

Will Beer Pong ever be NOT cool?


Apr 23 2009 8:00P
Rutgers University Camden, New Jersey
Apr 24 2009 8:00P
Santa Fe Cafe – U of Maryland College Park, Maryland
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