Ep.184 – Rusko @ Lot 613 – Los Angeles, CA

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Bryan and Kimberly get nasty with UK Dub Step DJ Rusko at Lot 613 in downtown Los Angeles and find out what fans think of the show.

Dub Step is the new hot shit and I can dig it. The bass doesn’t come through in the video, so you can’t really understand what it’s like to be at one of these kinds of shows unless you go see one yourself. We are talking some THICK and DIRTY bass lines that fill the garage/warehouse space and make everyone move whether they want to or not.

Sound Equipment by Funktion One

Rusko @ Lot 613

Rusko is good at what he does and he seems to bring the party out of people. I really enjoyed the fact that he was laying down bass beats live on the guitar and then mixing them in to the set. His hype man was entertaining and stayed on target with what Rusko was throwing down while keeping the crowd demanding more.

Rusko & Skeet Skeet
More Photos @ EatSkeet.com

I’d totally see Rusko again and I have a feeling that Dub Step could become what Electro was in 2007/2008. The cross over appeal might not be as viable with Dub Step, but the beats to get down and dirty will surely entice many of young electronic fans out to the show.

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