Ep.189 – Cool Cats Pop Up Shop @ Barracuda – West Hollywood , CA

Poppinoff Apr 21st, 2009 | By
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Bryan and Lorn roll to the Cool Cats pop up shop at Barracuda in Hollywood CA and talk with folks about Cool Cats clothing and get to jam out to dj sets by So Me, Busy P and Dj Mehdi.

This event was definitely out of control and a lot of cool things happened.

1) Free Belvedere, Colt 45 and Red Bull

2) We got to chat with Carlos Chairez of the band Kinky ( 2min 45 sec in to the vid)

3) I finally got to make amends with Gaspard from Justice, and had a delightful conversation with him. He told me that Justice might not tour until 2010, and are currently working on some new tunes and rolling with the Cool Cats for the time being. During our conversation, I suggested that they talk with the audience a bit more, and he explained that they are too shy to yell stuff out. I then tried to convince him that maybe they should just get an emcee like Lil Jon. I don’t think that I won him over, but if Justice ever tours with an emcee, I am taking all the credit. After chatting with Gaspard this time around, all I have to say is, he is a really cool dude, and things went a lot better than the last time we met

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  1. Jon G. says:

    post the rest of the coachella review! more coachella vids!

  2. Adam says:

    post more about coachella! Etienne de crecy!

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