Ep.191 – Depeche Mode on Jimmy Kimmel Live @ Hollywood and Vine – Hollywood, CA – 4/23/09

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Lorn attends the FREE DEPECHE MODE concert that took place on the street at Hollywood and Vine for Jimmy Kimmel Live ! and talks with fans about the legendary band.

Depeche Mode on Jimmy Kimmel video concert review

The arrival time for this event was set for 5pm I arrived around 7:45pm. It was pandemonium!!! The streets were blocked off with large fences covered by green netting. This made it very difficult to actually see the stage. None the less people crowded the streets to find the best possible view. The police were out in full force for crowd control, and kept telling patrons to “Move along”. This was less then affective. After I wondered the streets for a while I discovered a standby line it was a 30 min wait but well worth it.

The first two songs that  Depeche Mode played ( Wrong , and Personal Jesus) aired live on Jimmy Kimmel. after that the band played another 5 songs that included Walking In My Shoes,Come Back, Peace, Enjoy The Silence, and Never Let Me Down Again

Depeche Mode

I had a great time at this show and look forward to seeing Depeche Mode on their 2009 tour -lorn

Depeche Mode on Jimmy Kimmel Set list 04/23/09

  1. “Wrong”
  2. “Personal Jesus”
  3. “Walking in My Shoes”
  4. “Come Back”
  5. “Peace”
  6. “Enjoy the Silence”
  7. “Never Let me Down Again”


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2 Comments to “Ep.191 – Depeche Mode on Jimmy Kimmel Live @ Hollywood and Vine – Hollywood, CA – 4/23/09”

  1. JOE E > DIRT says:

    YEahh brotha you saved the best commentary for last . ..Thanx for putting me up on youre video and especially for saving the best (ME) for last ////yiiiiiiiia !

  2. Sylvia says:

    I spent the night in my car to see this show and still ended up pretty far from the stage right behind the press pit. Either way it was a great time. I’ve seen them live at every tour here in SoCal for the past 16 years and can’t wait to see them again in August!

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