Ep.220 – DJ Hero launch party w/ Jay Z and Eminem @ The Wiltern – Los Angeles , CA

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What a night!! First off, this party was “invite only.” So celeb after celeb just kept rolling in. I would have to say I felt the worst for Ashley Olsen. The poor girl was trying to sneak in the back, and was mobbed by the Paparazzi. She totally broke down into tears.

(Celebrities At The DJ Hero Launch Black Carpet Event: You Tell Concerts (4:04) Tony Hawk, Tyrese Gibson, Vanessa Minnillo, Kim Kardashian, Dania Ramirez, Kelly Osbourne, Amy Smart, Mark Hoppus of Blink 182 and Pete Wentz among others)

Second, due to some complications, it turned out we weren’t on the list and we¬†ended up having to wait out side for about 2 hours. But thanks to some help from the Activision crew (Kay, Lauren and Lindsay), we got things worked out and made it into the show.

The Wiltern was transformed and featured an open bar, along with tons of fantastic snacks (Chinese and Mexican foods, plus good Old-Fashioned American Hamburgers.)

The place was packed and it was almost impossible to move around until the show started. Jay-Z was the first to take the stage, and, as always, rocked the house.

Photo by Glenjamn

DJ AM was on the tables, and a full band accompanied the performance. Diamonds were definitely in the air.

Jay-Z closed his set with “Encore,” and then after a few brief moments of darkness, returned to the stage to finish off with a duet performance of “Renegades” with Eminem.

Before Jay-Z left the stage, he asked Eminem if he had it. Em was all about it and was ready to rock. Unfortunately, that didn’t exactly happen. I would like to blame the lack luster performance on the bass and mic levels in the Wiltern.

It was so loud. You could hardly hear what EM was saying. In addition to that, almost all the tracks he performed were from his new album “Relapse,” including “3 AM,” “We Made You,” and “Crack A Bottle.” The crowd didn’t seem to dig it.

Photo by Glenjamn

He closed out with “Lose Yourself,” and finally got the crowd going a bit, but that was the end and he left a lot of people unsatisfied.

I do have to give him props for actually rapping and not rolling tape, but I hope that if he goes on tour they work out the audio levels and mix in some older tracks.

Eminem on Jimmy Kimmel Live – 3 am

Jay-Z – 99 Problems

All and all, you should probably go out and buy DJ Hero, especially if you are a fan of Guitar Hero, Jay-Z, or Eminem.

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