Ep.243 – Eric Clapton w/ Steve Winwood @ The Hollywood Bowl – Hollywood,CA

Poppinoff Jul 1st, 2009 | By
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Photo by DJ Motte

Photo by DJ Motte

I, unfortunately, was only able to catch the show from Split Decision on, but seeing Eric Clapton bust out Voodoo Child and Cocaine was epic. Worth the wait to get in.

Steve Winwood / Eric Clapton Set list 6/30/09

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One Comment to “Ep.243 – Eric Clapton w/ Steve Winwood @ The Hollywood Bowl – Hollywood,CA”

  1. this is why i play music!!!!!!! this is level too seek! Iam A proud tulsa musican, with texas roots!!!!! I love Those Guy”s!!!!!!!! I think Steve Winwood ;Pound for Pound is one of Baddest Mother -fucker”s ever ,too walk this plantet!!!!!!!! A wonderful ,wonderful moment in space & time; was had by this person…….! ike johnson From The group, One Live Johnson……Ft.Wroth,Texas..Tulsa,Oklahoma; Hollywood,Ca.

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