Ep.254 – Jarvis Cocker @ The Wiltern – Los Angeles, CA

Poppinoff Jul 28th, 2009 | By
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Jarvis put on a fantastic show, both musical and comical.  The banter and chemistry Jarvis had with the crowd definitely made the show for me.  I haven’t listened to a lot of his music but was more then engaged by the show.

The only disappointment from this show was that Jarvis didn’t come out for a second encore as listed on the set list.  Before seeing the list I was sure he would do two encores, and was absolutely shocked that he didn’t come back out for one last song.  I am not sure who to blame for this.  It could have been Jarvis, the venue, or the fact that the rest of the crowd didn’t want it enough.  Nonetheless a great show and an artist I look forward to seeing live again.  -Lorn

Jarvis Cocker set list 07/24/09

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