Ep.266 – Bobby Long @ 3rd & Lindsley – Nashville, TN – 08/19/09

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Bobby Long played a 7:00 show at 3rd & Lindsley last week, and I was surprised to see such a big crowd at that time. He was the only one playing this matinee, so he took the stage around 7:45.

I wasn’t sure of what to expect. I just heard that he was associated with “Twilight,” and that it was a show that I shouldn’t miss. It was a perfect way to relax after a work day, and Long didn’t keep me out past my curfew. Good boy!

The sound was simple, yet soothing. He has incredible emotion in his vocals, and a charming personality that gives you butterflies. Oh, and the English accent is a novelty around here that seals the deal.

Photo Credit: Lisa Serrano

The whole scene was very ‘coffee shop open mic,’ but with the professionalism of the MTV “Unplugged” series. It sounded wonderful (as it always does at 3rd & Lindsley), and everyone was appreciative and attentive. At one point, it was so quiet that I was embarrassed at how loud the sound of my camera turning off was. There was friendly, unforced interaction between the audience and Bobby.

He told an adorable story about how he made a snide remark about the Jonas Brothers. Not long after, he went to a Gibson showroom to pick out a guitar, he found the Jonas Brothers had just been there and wiped them out. (I guess they are both sponsored by Gibson.) Very cute, and the story was a nice prelude to the upcoming JB show I’d be attending at the Sommet Center.

It was an all-around laid-back evening of some lovely music. Glad I went.

Please check out this amazing review from the show written by Donna Peerce. She really captures the night.

Learn more about Bobby Long and upcoming tour dates HERE.

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