Ep.27 – Arlo Guthrie @ Royce Hall – Los Angeles, CA

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Lorn and Josh check out Arlo Guthrie at Royce Hall in Los Angeles, CA and get fan reviews of the show.

What an experience this show was. The ticket said show at 8pm in LA. That usually means 9:30-10pm. With that said, we arrived to this show late. We had to wait in the hallway until Arlo had stopped playing, then we were admitted in to the theater. When we went to take our seats everyone scowled at as for walking in. As soon as I realized this was an up tight crowd I decided to turn off my phone. When I pulled it out the gentleman sitting next to me bitched at me because the light was to bright.

Despite the vast majority of the crowd being pretentious pricks, the show was great. Arlo has a very unique style to him, he doesn’t necessarily play music the entire show. A large portion of the show consist of Arlo telling entertaining story’s about the songs he is about to play. I had a good time at this show and I would say Arlo is definitely worth checking out, especially if you are a fan of good ol’ time story telling. -lorn

Ps. Thanks to Waldo for the tickets to this show

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