Ep.271 – Nine Inch Nails @ The Palladium – Hollywood,CA

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Lorn says: This show was very disappointing. Simply due to the fact that it was so amazing. It also¬† was most likely the last time I would ever see Nine Inch Nails. Towards the end of the show Trent informed the crowd that he was sick and apologized for the quality of the performance. In all honesty I couldn’t tell that he was sick. Up until that point and far past it, I was blown away. He continued to rock out until an abrupt ending. There was no encore or final words from MR.Reznor before the lights came up. I think that’s what left me feeling so disappointed. I never got my goodbye :(

Set List:

Mr. Self Destruct



March of the Pigs



The Becoming

I Do Not Want This

Big Man With A Gun

A Warm Place



The Downward Spiral



Terrible Lie

Lights In The Sky


Gave Up

Suck (Pigface cover)

Metal (Gary Numan cover)

Cars (Gary Numan cover)

The Hand That Feeds

Head Like a Hole

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