Ep.28 – Ghostland Observatory @ The Henry Fonda Music Box – Hollywood, CA

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Lorn and Bryan attend the Ghostland Observatory concert at The Henry Fonda Music Box and get frizzfrazzled!  Plus fan reviews of the show!

I love looking back at these videos. It’s so great to see that everyone who was at this show got rocked! -lorn

This show is a prime example of why I produce YTC.  There is no denying what Lorn just said.  These people got ROCKED! -bryan

I wish that I could come up with a better word to describe Ghostland’s performance besides epic!  I had only listened to one or two of Ghostlands songs and not recently. Bryan was a big driving force in going to this show. He was amped for this show and when we got to the Music Box he found a ticket in minutes!

Unfortunately he had to walk in with the person who was giving him the ticket, so I was left out side on my own. It was getting closer to show time and I started to get a little discouraged about the situation. Then BAM! A good Samaritan hooked it up! I was in the show and found Bryan. He was talking with two girls. I don’t remember their names but one of them did an awesome interview after the show.

We walked around checking out the scene and smoked some cigarettes on the roof top patio. It was closer to show time so we hit the floor. When Ghostland hit the stage it was all over! Non-stop dance party! The show was nutz! Great music and a incredible laser show that filled the room. I couldn’t stop moving. Ghostland brought the party!!

As I mentioned already, I hadn’t listened to a lot of Ghostland prior to this point in time, but none the less it felt like i knew every song. The energy is almost too much to handle and lingers for days after the show. I couldn’t get this show out of my head.

After the show we got to talk to a lot of really cool people who had just as good of a time as we did. Since I have attended this show, I make sure to recommend Ghostland Observatory to anyone that is looking for a MIND BLOWING performance!! -lorn

This was my first time seeing Ghostland Observatory, as well, and it was exceedingly awesome.  That’s really an understatement.  If you have the opportunity to see Ghostland Observatory and you aren’t doing so, you are really basically ruining your life.  They have the best energy and the most electric live performance.  They aren’t being boastful when they tell you, “There ain’t no party like a Ghostland party.”  They’re simply informing you of the reality of the situation. – bryan

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