Ep.286 – Blink 182 @ The Palladium – Hollywood,CA

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In all honesty, I was a little tough on the guys in my review of the show.  Blink always puts on a killer show and the fans in attendance have a blast.  I just wish they tightened the vocals up.  Its hard to hear exactly what Mark and Tom are singing and you really have to know the songs to fully enjoy them.  I feel this has been a problem over the years and am not sure why the band hasn’t fixed it.

I also had to take note of the lack of boobies at this show. Its been a while since I have seen the band and they used to be all about getting girls to show them. But I guess that’s what happens when you get older.

Photo by WhatOSaw.com

It also absolutely amazes me how many people love Tom Delonge. I personally can’t stand the guy.

All and all, I would recommend seeing Blink 182 especially if you are a fan of their music and are looking to rock out.- Lorn

Set list: Blink 182 – The Palladium – 10/10/09

Thanks to Jered Scott for hooking us up with tix!

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4 Comments to “Ep.286 – Blink 182 @ The Palladium – Hollywood,CA”

  1. Chris says:

    The show rocked, worse part was that I was sooooooo s—-faced that I don’t remember much of it. What I do remember was the energy, it was soooooo full of it. The Moshing, the sweat, the heat. I’m a fan of blink 182 from way back and I had just seen them in Chulla Vista at the Cricket Wireless Ampitheatre. I don’t know if it was all the weed in the air but i was on the lawn and people refused to f–ing mosh. Once we started though some “soccer mom” told us that we were ruining the show for everyone.

    This show was the total opposite, a bunch of drunk asses and crazy kids singing and dancin. Although I must have acted like an idiot since I remember flashed of people looking at me like “what the f— is wrong with you. All in all a good show.

  2. anastasia says:

    my first time seeing blinkk… they were amazingg! i thought tom was effin hilllariousss definately kept me entertained throughout the show :)

  3. kadeen says:

    tom’s vocals could have been better, but its fcking blink 182 man! best concert i’ve been to, those dudes are legends

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