Ep.29 – Elton John @ The Honda Center – Anaheim, CA

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Lorn and Josh attend the Elton John concert at the Honda Center and get fan reviews of the show.

This show was definitely an adventure, but not that great of a time.  Josh and I were unable to find tickets for this show.  It looked like the hour and a half drive from LA to Anaheim was a waste of time.  The show hadn’t started yet so we wandered around the outside of the Honda Center.  Eventually we found some cool folks that were in the same boat as us.  We kicked it for a bit and told them story’s of the concerts we had been to recently.

Then a magical exit door opened!  There was no security in site.  I darted towards the door and caught it! We were in the show!  We spent the vast majority of the show moving from seat to seat and running away from security.  We had a great view at times, being as close as 20 feet away from Elton, to seeing the end of the show at the very furthest point from the stage possible.

I have no problem telling you that I was disappointed in this show.  The sound was fine, but the crowd and the stage show were horrible.  I cant tell you how much footage from this concert I have of people bitching about that crowd sucking.  I couldn’t use any of it do to vulgar language.  We swear at YTC but never condone the use of VULGAR LANGUAGE!!!  As for the stage show, it all sucked because of the lights.  The video screens were obviously from Elton’s tour in the mid 90s and had burnt out bulbs. THATS RIGHT BURNT OUT BULBS ON THE VIDEO SCREENS!!!

Sub par, Elton.  I thought you were better then that.  I thought you were a DIVA!  Divas don’t performer with burnt out bulbs on their stage!  I intend to catch Elton in the Red Piano some day, as I think it will have a higher quality production value, but as for this show I am glad I didn’t have to pay. -lorn

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