Ep.291 – The Streets @ Club Nokia – Los Angeles, CA

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Photo by: Lucy Bussell

Lorn says: I wasn’t sold on The Streets (Michael Skinner) the first time I heard him but over the years he grew on me and I was very excited to catch his live set.

I must say that its very difficult for a rapper to win me over with their live performance. It takes a lot more then just spitting out versus. It takes knowing how to be a good MC. Skinner no doubt possesses this ability, although it is a much different style of MCing then that of an American MC.

I found it to be a very humorous style that consisted of giving the audience shit.  He constantly was calling the audience out and telling them how cool it was for them to just stand around and do nothing.

I was more than overjoyed that he did so, the people of LA need shit talked to them every once and awhile. It did however take the audience until the very last song to truly get into the show.

Photo by: Lucy Bussell

I felt the audio quality of the show could have been a little bit better but for the most part was satisfactory. I did enjoy the show but I’m not sure I will see The Streets again. I think had I listened to a bit more of the music prior to the show i would have enjoyed it a lot more.

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