Ep.292 – Kings of Leon @ Sommet Center – Nashville, TN – 10/16/09

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Kings of Leon sold out the Sommet Center on Friday night. Ticket holders were buzzing with excitement as they entered the venue, and there were lots of pacers out front in the cold looking for extra tickets. I can only imagine the feeling to follow a band locally for years, and then see them turn into a huge act and fill a hometown arena. Must be awesome!

I don’t know much about KOL. I only know that some of my LA friends have been fans for a while, and consider them one of the few good modern rock bands. They are a little bummed that they have become so popular, but respect the fact that the guys want to make some moo-lah.

I work in a building with a bunch of radio stations, so naturally I hear “Use Somebody” pumped in throughout the workspace several times a day. Hearing it live, all I could think was “Someday this song is going to be on one of those Buzz compilation albums that make me so happy and nostalgic.”

Photo Credit: Heather Byrd/The Tennessean

I love the song, and in general, Caleb’s voice is pure, full of emotion, and has an anomalous timbre that, I believe, can be commended for their radio success. Mmm…gives me goosebumps. My friend called their sound as a band, “meditative rock,” and I dig it.

As for the live show, I’ll admit, I did get bored at times, and I think others did too – whether or not they realized it. It seemed a bit one-dimensional, and I noticed a lot of foot traffic in the lobby during KOL’s performance (bathroom breaks, drink re-fills, etc.). Solutions: add some more staging or blocking changes, and pump up the energy another notch. Maybe rock out the set list a little more. The last song they played was kick ass, and I wanted to see more of it!

Photo Credit: Heather Byrd/The Tennessean

I might be singing a different tune if I had a better view. Next time, I’m going to make it a point to see them in a smaller venue, or have a great seat close to the stage.

Regardless of my opinion, there’s no doubt that the audience was having fun, sporting huge smiles and the overall camaraderie was nice to see. That’s all that matters; that the fans enjoy the experience.

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2 Comments to “Ep.292 – Kings of Leon @ Sommet Center – Nashville, TN – 10/16/09”

  1. Sean says:

    The issue at hand is not that people are bored it is that people are seeing a band based on an album that most who have followed the band will tell you they dont like very much. Their set list (I have seen them 4 times this time) is loaded with new and old stuff, but not all of it can be bubbly, pop-rockish, and in my opinion trash like “Sex on Fire.” If you are bored at the concert it is probably because you only know SoF and Use Somebody, and thats fine, but KoL already sold out a bit to become huge(which I understand) but dont expect them to change their personalities, run around on stage, and make their concert a show. If you are looking for that go see the Killers live, I wasnt bored once.

    On a lighter note, I have never really thought about it but you make a nice point that “Use Somebody” will probably be one of those songs my kids will know from my generation much like I know many songs from my old mans generation. It’s sad to think the rock has become so weak as of late that there are few songs I can point to that will last.

  2. Kim Huynh says:

    As far as the whole "Kings Of Leon SOLD OUT" bullshit, every singer songwriter is just speaking the truth that is in their heart and soul. People change over the years, and so does their art and their music.

    Music. > Pen. > Sword.

    There are people who succeed, and people who achieve. Which one are you

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