Ep.32 – Day 1 Happy Coachella – Indio, CA

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Lorn, Bryan, Josh, and Ashlie celebrate Coachella and start a mission to turn it in to an official unofficial holiday. HAPPY COACHELLA PASS IT ON !!!!
When it comes down to it, YTC loves Snapple and lemonade!

It’s just so much fun getting people to say HAPPY COACHELLA!!

happy coachella

We didn’t catch many acts the first day at Coachella.  We were on a mission and spent most of our time walking around getting people to yell “HAPPY COACHELLA!!!” so we could give them a sticker!

The first act we got to see was Cut/Copy and boy, oh boy did we have our feet moving.  Good time!

Artist I am sad I missed day 1 of Coachella:
1. The Raconteurs
2. SantoGold
3. Aesop Rock
4. Aphex Twin
5. Rouge Wave
6. Black Lips
7. Jack Johnson

It was awesome running in to Breanna and Illyse.  They are no doubt long time Happy Coachella supporters. The first day of Happy Coachalla seemed like a big success, but their is a long weekend a head of us. -lorn

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