Ep.320 – Jason Michael Carroll @ Exit/In – Nashville, TN – 12/10/09

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Earlier this year, a coworker took me as her guest to the Sony riverboat showcase for the CRS conference. That was when I first found out about Jason Michael Carroll. Sharing the stage with big guns like Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney, Gretchen Wilson, Carrie Underwood, and so many more, he held his own.

At the beginning, I labeled him as a boy band Country singer – dreamy with puppy dog eyes, and heart grabbing choreography; plus, an arsenal of mega hits. I believe he has two records out with over five of the songs reaching the Country Top 40 charts.

I’ve seen him perform a total of three times: on the Sony Boat, at a benefit concert for a family that lost their house in a tornado, and at the Exit/In. Each performance was different. At the benefit show, he played his set on a small stage at a local bar (The Tin Roof). It was relaxed and more like a party setting among friends than the other performances. He was truly in his element at that show.

At the Exit/In, it was apparent that he had been working on his “entertainer” side – preparing for larger stages. He rocked it up a notch with some Steven Tyler mic stand moves, and as Fergie would say, he has been working on his fitness. He has noticeably buffed up. He also cut his hair. I sense the physical changes might be a conscious move away from that boy band characteristic I fell in love with.

It’s a great strategy actually – lure those obsessive teens in with your boyish looks and charm, and then once you get those stats under your belt; surprise – I’m married, over 30, and have four kids! Then, all the cougars love you too and everyone in between. But seriously, that’s JMC’s “theme:” From Carroll’s bio on www.jasonmichaelcarroll.com:

It’s a career whose music aptly depicts Carroll as country’s Gen-Y family man, reflecting his generation’s transition from party to parenthood, and able to fully express the joys inherent in both worlds and the tensions that can come in moving from unencumbered freedom to the responsibilities of home and hearth.

Oh yeah…the music! JMC has an amazing voice with range and control. Those low bass notes are my favorite. He sings the songs that make you cry when you hear them on the radio. Actually, I could barely keep myself from crying at the show; quite embarrassing actually.

Another admirable quality of JMC is his focus on philanthropy. He clearly has a big heart and uses his success to gain awareness. I recently heard an interview where Carroll talked about the runaway problem in the US, and how 1800runaway.com is dedicated to finding a resolution. The interview was then followed up by his touching song – “Hurry Home.” He also talks about his friend, Brittany Coppedge, who died of a rare lung cancer 3 years ago at every show, and encourages audience members to read about her story at http://www.brittanysbattle.com.

Expect to see a lot more for Jason Michael Carroll. I can see him being the next Tim McGraw. If you’re in Nashville – JMC is playing the Ryman Auditorium on January 8th, and will be doing an autograph signing at Nashville Municipal Auditorium on the 9th.

Find out more about Jason Michael Carroll at www.jasonmichaelcarroll.com

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  1. Sarah Rathbone says:

    I am a HUGE fan of JMC, I have actually seen him 30 times. I am from NC, and have traveled to Florida, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, NC, SC, and GA to see his concerts. He is actually the nicest,sincerest, person anyone could ever meet. I have met him several times, and would recommend anyone to purchase a meet and greet at the show, you WON’T be disappointed! to realize he is actually a gracious, polite person and has fun in his meet and greets. I have met some great JMC fans at these concerts that quickly became friends, and we meet up at the concerts and its like a family reunion. There are some that have seen him 50-90 times and loves his concerts more each time. JMC actually recognizes his fans on and off the stage, if he sees his fans outside waiting for the concert, he lets them know that he knows that they are there supporting him. Each and every “thank you” that he expresses on and off stage he genuinely means. He loves his fans, and thats why he refers to them as “Honky Tonk Friends” or HTF’s. His website for his fans is http://www.honkytonkfriends.com which should be up and running soon. If you have seen him once, invite all your friends to another concert and you will enjoy the next one as much as you did the first. See you at the concerts!

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