Ep.326 – Wale @ The Roxy – Hollywood, CA – 02/02/2010

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Wale @ The Roxy Video Concert Review

Wale was the first artist on the Coachella Line-Up to come through Los Angeles since they announced who would be playing the festival this year.  I had no clue what Wale was all about, but I definitely saw his name popping up on the interwebs.

Wale was a very entertaining MC.  He had the crowd bumping and I definitely recommend him to anyone going to Coachella this year and to all those who will see Wale coming through their town on tour.

Upcoming Tour Dates for Wale


Feb 12 – Austin
Feb 22 – Vancouver, Canada
Feb 24 – Calgary, Canada
Feb 25 -Winnipeg, Canada
Feb 25 – Roby, MO
Feb 27 – Ottawa, Canada
Mar 2 – Toronto, KS
Mar 16 – Austin
Apr 23 – Easton, PA
May 2 – New York City
May 29 – Quincy, WA
Jun 10 – Manchester, TN

Big ups to Tyson and D00Di for coming and putting in some effort to see this show on a “complimentary” basis! That’s how you do it YTC stylee!

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    This episode was amazingly great as I have been watching this show from the first episode. I am pretty much addicted to this show as its every episode is full of amazing scenes which I loved to watch.

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