Ep.34 – Day 3 HAPPY COACHELLA – Indio, CA

Poppinoff Apr 27th, 2008 | By
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Lorn, Bryan, Josh, and Ashlie continue in their mission to get people to say HAPPY COACHELLA!! PASS IT ON!!! at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival!

What an incredible Coachella!! We had passed out a lot of stickers as of this point in the adventure and had people saying Happy Coachella to us all day long! It was so great to know that by the end of the night people would be yelling HAPPY COACHELLA PASS IT ON!!! It was also incredible fun asking people if Prince said Happy Coachella or not.

This was YTC first real festival and it was great to be able to wander around and talk with people about their Coachella experience.

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