Ep.35 – Mudcrutch @ The Troubadour – Los Angeles, CA

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Lorn and Josh catch Mudcrutch at the Troubadour and get fan reviews from the show.

After the show we got some great reviews including one with Ben Brown from the band American Bang.

The Venture show blew me away and has been the best concert I have seen since I started YTC. On our way to the show, we ran across Benmont Tench. We talked with him a bit and told him how much we enjoyed the Ventura show. Then we went off to find tickets! Josh found one ticket for $60 and another for free and we were in the show.

It was so cool to watch this band come out on the Troubadour stage. Watching Mike Campbell and Tom Langdon dueling guitars, and being able to actually see their fingers, was a hightlight of my night. The Mudcrutch shows had such a great energy to them. They weren’t Petty shows by any means. He was there and definitely a factor in how great the show was, but Mudcrutch was something else. Something great that only a small amount of people will ever be able to say they experienced. If you went to the show expecting to hear Petty songs and didn’t like the show because they didn’t play any, YOU SUCK! -lorn

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  1. This episode was even more interesting for to see then I was expecting it to be this time. There are many things that have been justified in this post that I was willing to know about.

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