Ep.36 – Mudcrutch @ The Troubadour – Los Angeles, CA

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Lorn, Bryan and Josh catch Mudcrutch at the Troubadour and get fan reviews of the show.

I think this night will live on in my mind forever. -lorn

What a great NIGHT!! Josh and I had all ready seen Mudcrutch a few times prior to this and were both excited about seeing them again. Josh was lucky and found someone to sell him a ticket for $60 and he was on his way into the show. Bryan was running late, as his bus was late, and I was standing outside the Mudcrutch tour bus trying to get an interview with Tom Petty. Impossible I know, but there weren’t any tickets on the street and I had nothing better to do with my time then to wait around for Tom.

I stood out side the bus for about 5 min or so before I was then joined by crazy Tom Petty autograph geeks. What an odd group of folks! I began talking to one of the guys waiting to get a Petty signature and told him about YTC. He responded to the idea with “Thats the dumbest thing I have ever heard! People don’t want to see other peoples opinions about the show. I don’t think your sites going to make it! ha”.

Well that guy was a loser and I wasn’t going to take that shit from a loser. So, I said, “You know what? Negativity isn’t going to get you anywhere in life. I have all ready been to 35 concerts in the last 2 1/2 months for free and have gotten to talk with some of my heroes. That’s made it worth doing.” I laughed at him and then walked away.

As soon as I hit the street corner, Bryan jumped off the bus and started filming. I was amped! I loved that someone tried to tell me YTC was a dumb idea and Bryan did too. As soon as Petty got off his bus, he was whisked away to the back door of the Troubadour in his black Jaguar. Bryan and I proceeded to go back to the front of the Troubadour to find tickets. Josh was all ready inside, and our ride, so we just kicked it out side jamming to Mudcrutch.

3 songs or so in to the set I noticed that Tom’s wife Dana come out front for a smoke. I had to take the opportunity to tell her about YTC as we had done two Mudcrutch reviews prior to this. As I approached she smiled and said “hey.” We began talking about the tour and how much her and Tom had enjoyed playing the smaller venues and getting to hang out with Tom Langdon and Randall Marsh. Mid way through the conversation I sprung a YTC card on her and told her about the site. She responded with “OMG I thought I recognized you! I watched the Mudcrutch video you made in Ventura. It’s so cute that you guys do that. I showed them to Tom and he thought they were neat to.” I was flabbergasted! DANA and TOM PETTY had seen my website!

I told her that we would be doing reviews of the show that night, although we weren’t able to get tickets. “I can get you in,” she said. Then she asked us to follow her around back. When we reached the back door of the Troubadour, Dana approached the door and gave it 3 swift kicks. When the door was opened she stated to the guard, “These guys are with me.” We thanked Dana for getting us in and checking out the site and then ran into the bar.

This night was all out fantastic! Having Dana Petty walk us in the back door of the Troubadour because she had seen the site… That rocked! Especially after some loser told me how dumb the site was. Thanks a million times over to Dana Petty for rocking so much and my apologizes to everyone I know who will get to hear this story for as long as you know me. Truly one of the greatest moments in my life -lorn

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