Ep.38 – Mudcrutch @ The Troubadour – Los Angeles, CA

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Lorn and Dara attend the final Mudcrutch show at the Troubadour and get fan reviews of the show.

WOW! Some guys have all the luck. Having had one of the best nights of my life the night before this show, there was no way I could miss what could be the very LAST Mudcrutch concert ever! I got a hold of Dara and she was down for the show.

I arrived at the Troubadour about the same time as Dara and we started looking for tickets. We weren’t the only ones. People were buying tickets for over $500! There was no way we were going to get free ones tonight.

We headed over to the Mudcrutch tour bus and scored and Interview with the bands drummer Randall Marsh. As it got closer to show time I decided we should go wait by the back door of the Troubadour. Around nine o’clock or so, Tom Petty’s Jaguar pulled up to the back door of the bar and Tom and his wife Dana exited the car and made their way to the door while signing a few autographs for fans smart enough to be there. I yelled out, “Hey Dana, thanks for getting us in last night!”

She had already entered the bar, but then signaled for me and Dara to come in. We darted to the door only to be stopped by security.
“Where you going?”
“I am with Dana,” I responded.
“You ain’t with Dana! HA!”
“NO, I am with Dana Petty”
“No you’re not! You need to get out here now!”
Then Dana approached the security guard and said, “These two are with me.”
He responded with, “They ain’t with you!”
“No they are with me and you need to let them in right now,” she stated.

The security guard stepped to the side and let us in to the bar. We thanked Dana and then head off to the back to find ourselves a spot. The first thing I heard when I walked in to the bar came from a gentleman standing at the front of the stage. “Man I cant believe it two nights in a row,” he said. What a great night and and incredible run of shows. Thanks so much to Dana for everything. You ROCK! I hope that Mudcrutch tours again and that I can be there when they do. -lorn

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