Ep.42 – The New Kids On The Block @ The HOB Sunset Strip – Hollywood, CA

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Lorn and Josh hit up the New Kids On The Block rehearsal concert at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip and get fan reactions of the first NKOTB performance in 15 years.

What a great night! I called up Josh to see what was going on. He told me that the New Kids On The Block were doing a secret show at the HOB Sunset Strip and that he was heading that way soon. I was down. How could I miss a groups first performance in 15 years? When we arrived at the HOB their was a frenzy of people trying to get in to the show. Josh got on the phone and made a call to a good personal friend of his that we will just call “Grandmaster D“. About 20 minutes later we got our passes and bracelets and walked right in to the show.

We had to be very sneaky with the camera, as there was tight security looking for any electronic devices. As soon as NKOTB hit the stage things went crazy! Woman were screaming, jumping, and throwing bras and flowers on to the stage. The set was short and only consisted of 3 songs, but I think the band got the point across that they are still loved.

As soon as the show was over, I started recording, but got taken out by security. I was about 20 feet outside the door and started filming again. Then I was escorted off the property. The security guard paged his staff, “The guy in the cowboy hat and his friend are done for the night. I repeat they are not to be let back on the property. They are done for the night!”.

Josh and I hit the sidewalk and got a lot of really great interviews from NKOTB fans. One of the people we interviewed that night was Chrystal, who ended up going home and posting on the NKOTB fan forum causing this to be YTC most popular video to date. (07/01/08)

Once we were done at the HOB, Josh and I went to McDonald’s for a late night snack. On the way back to our car we met some very nice NKOTB fans: Emily, Briana, and Alisa. We had tons of fun and exciting conversations with them. I learned a lot about the underground world of the NKOTB.
Hopefully we will get to meet some more cool NKOTB fans during the Tour -lorn

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