Ep.48 – Day 1 of The Sasquatch Music Festival @ The Gorge – George, WA

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Lorn and Burn head to the Gorge at George to attend the Sasquatch Music Festival and talk with as many cool people as possible.

Burn and I traveled out to The Gorge and were ready to rock! We set up camp ASAP and then began drinking lemonade. After we had quenched our thirsts, we headed to the front gate to score Burn a ticket. Boy oh boy did people talk shit! But oh well, we found some cool folks to help us out and we were on our way to the festival. -lorn

The first act we caught was MIA. I had heard a lot of good things about her and I would say they are partially true. She definitely knows how to throw a party. Such a party in fact, I got lost for about an hour. I thought Burn left me and was really mad, but it turned out that I just have no sense of direction what so ever.

When I finally found Burn, we watched Modest Mouse rock out. It’s always nice to see a northwest band in the northwest. Their music is just much more fitting their and reminds me of growing up.

Cloudy sky’s, but covered eyes.

Stanley and Company ROCKED!! The time spent with them made it worth the trip to Sasquatch.

I feel bad for the girls I actually convinced to stick around in the rain and watch R.E.M. Their performance was a let down for me and I didn’t have the energy. I believe they are capable of producing.

I must admit the Breeders sound damn good and I was glad to listen to them as I roamed out of the venue talking with the people of Sasquatch. When Burn and I got back to our tent, it was raining! None the less, we still wanted to party. Eventually, Larissa and Monica, two cool lady’s, wandered into our campsite. They joined us for a beer and played us songs on their guitar. -lorn

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