Ep.49 – Day 2 of The Sasquatch Music Festival @ The Gorge – George, WA

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Lorn and burn wake up to Sasquatch and have a fun and exciting day roaming around and talking with folks about the festival.

The problem with waking up at 7:30 in the morning is you still have an entire day to KILL!!  Me and Burn spent the first part of it sitting on the tail gate of his truck doing interviews with hot girls that would walk by on the way to the showers.  By the time 8:45 or so rolled around, I decided it was time to start a drinking!! Lots of great conversations on the back of that tail gate for sure.

From Left to right Burn,Monica,and Lorn

Around noon we decided to take the 30 min drive to Quincy the nearest town to the Gorge.  We were dying for some Denny’s or some IHOP or any place that served breakfast.  We weren’t in luck.  Every place in town was closed with the exception of this hole in the wall Mexican restaurant that made us both sick.  None the less, it was a good day at the Gorge.  I was very glad I got to interview Lilly (the girl with the used a condom shirt.) I saw her walking around during the Blue Scholars and said i wanted to do an interview with her.  And DAMNIT, I DID!!

Facts about I the bands I got to see day two of Sasquatch

1. Blue Scholars: northwest HIP HOP.  Definitely worth checking out.  They got the crowd moving.
2. Cold War Kids: worst band to listen to at Sasquatch if you have a hang over and cant move.
3. Tegan and Sara: a disappointment to say the least, but everything anyone has ever told me about them.
4. The Presidents of the USA: always bring down the house!  A band you need to check out if you like to ROCK!!!
5. Rogue Wave: I know I was at Rouge Wave but I don’t know how, I was at the Presidents during their set. I guess its possible one of them went on late. But none the less I think Rouge Wave rocked!!
6. Michael Franti & Spearhead: I only caught a small portion of this show, but Burn said it was the best performance all weekend.
7. The Kooks: I sat around for 20 min or so and they didn’t come on so I went to check out Number 8.
8. Death Cab for Cutie: a real treat.  Probably one of the nicest moments all weekend.  Just chilling on the hill, watching the sun go down over the Columbia river, and listening to this band.
9. The Cure:  unfortunately I only got to listen to the first 35 min or so of The Cure set, but I was blown away. They sounded great and I only knew one song.  I cant wait to see them at the Hollywood Bowl.

It was great kicking it with Burn for the first two days at Sasquatch.  He really knows how to rock!  -lorn

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