Ep.51 – The Police and Elvis Costello @ The Hollywood Bowl – Hollywood, CA

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Lorn and Josh celebrate YTC’s 50th concert by attending the police at the Hollywood Bowl and getting fan reviews of the show.

Wait a minute was this YTC’s 50th episode??? I truly don’t know, but what a great one!  I had just gotten back from the Sasquatch Music Festival up in Washington and raced over to the Hollywood Bowl to catch The Police!  I was no doubt exhausted and didn’t exactly know what day it was, but it was The Police at the Hollywood Bowl!! Definitely not a show to miss.  Josh was watching the Lakers in the Playoffs and was going to be coming to the show late.  So, I left his ticket at the Box office and found my self a nice box seat.  I hadn’t listened to a lot of The Police prior to this point and I’m not a die hard fan, but I enjoyed the show.  It was a hit parade and exactly what i was looking for.  Josh showed up just in time for the encore and to work the cam on this video.

Highlights of this episode include running in to my friend Kasey Webber and her boyfriend Farley.  The two of them always hit up shows at The Bowl and know how to have a good time.  But, my favorite part of this video is at 1min 46 sec when I run in to Kate.  It was just cool to have someone get mad at me but then recognize me and want to do an interview. -lorn

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