Ep.53 – The Cure @ The Hollywood Bowl – Hollywood, CA

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Lorn, Bryan, and Josh have a fantastic evening with The Cure and talk with fans about the incredible show.

The Cure is, without a doubt, a show to catch. I wish I was impressed by every band as much as I was with The Cure.  Robert Smith still sounds incredible and knows how to work a crowd.  The four encores were no doubt an incredible and fantastic way to end the show.  Before the show Bryan and I meet this girl Joann who had seen me doing interview at R.E.M a few nights earlier.  She was unfortunately ticket-less and only had $10.  We decided to help her out and found her a $10 ticket.  She was very excited and ready for The Cure.  YTC hopes she enjoyed her box seat and that its a night she will always remember.  This is one of my favorite videos to date (06.28.08) and I truley hope to be able to see The Cure again -lorn

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  1. essaywriters says:

    This is the only show that I have been watching from a very long time and it is always very fun. This new episode was really enjoying and I have watched this episode 3 times in a whole day.

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