Ep.57 – The Ting Tings @ Easy Street Records – Seattle, WA

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Lorn goes on a solo mission to see The Ting Tings perform an acoustic in store performance at Easy Street Records and talk to Ting Ting fans about the show.

First things first about this show, Easy Street Records is a great place to see a band do an in store performance.  The stage is at the very back of the store and is covered by an old school metal garage door. I thought it was cool to watch them raise the door and see it was an acoustic set!!!  How were the dance sensation group The Ting Tings going to do an acoustic set? I truly was astounded by the way the two of them made their guitars sound.  It was incredible.  My feet were moving, and this four song set was definitely more then enough to get me to go to the show at Chop Suey later that night.

After the show I got to talk with Katy and Jules
Check out the Ting Tings interview here!

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