Ep.58 – The Ting Tings @ Chop Suey – Seattle, WA

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Lorn and Mike check out the Ting Tings at Chop Suey and get fan reviews of the show.

This was the second time I saw The Ting Tings today and they rocked!  I was lucky enough to meet Grace from 107.7 The End at the Ting Tings in store at Easy Street and she hooked me up with the tickets for this show. I was very glad I took the tickets and that Mike was down for an adventure.

The set was rocking but short.  They only have one album.  I just think if the Ting Tings did a cover of something it would probably be really cool.  A very special note on this show: when i was standing outside trying to get interviews the first person to respond was Newton Faulkner.  He calls him self Sam in the video. His birth name is Sam Newton Battenberg Faulkner. He was a very cool dude and I am glad he was kind enough to talk to me.  Katy and Jules are very cool and I will definitely go check out the Ting Tings again. -lorn

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  1. bestesay says:

    This episode was even more exciting then I was expecting it to be when you were talking about it in the previous post. I always like to read the posts that you have been sharing on this website.

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