Ep.61 – Islands @ Neumos – Seattle, WA

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Lorn and Andy Check out Islands at Neumos in Seattle, WA.

This show was my 5th show in 3 days up in Seattle and the most disappointing of them all.  The show was nothing truly special in my opinion.  I would have rather sat in my room and listened to the band’s album.  The crowd wasn’t rocking.  It was just a sea of grey.  The Band sounded great and was trying to be dramatic when Aaron smashed his guitar on stage, but its nothing new. Me and Andy talked with folks outside the show.  Then waited around for Aaron because he told us before the show he would do an interview with us. After the show I asked him again and he told us “as soon as I am done packing this stuff up.”  So we waited for another 20 min or so.  I was more then ready to get out of there, but Andy really wanted the interview with him.  When he finally came out he gave us the… “oh, I am really out of it.  Now’s not a good time.”  Andy was like “whatever” and thanked him for the show.

I am cool if an artists don’t want to promote themselves to their fans, but don’t keep me waiting outside to blow me off. -lorn

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